Posted in Branding by Abhinaya Chandrasekhar on August 1, 2009

Recently I wrote a paper for Asia Brand Summit that won the research award. Here is an abstract of the paper.

A brand is a product that provides functional benefits plus added value that some customers value enough to buy. Ensuring brand clarity and consistency in today’s multi channel world is not only a priority but a necessity. One super power given to marketers to fight this war and win it is “brand”. To use this super power wisely, it becomes necessary to understand the brand essence well. Most of the audiences recognize and accept a product by the brand name than the ingredients. Thus, it is essential to communicate the brand to the audience without diluting its essence. Brand clarity ensures the right essence is communicated. The core brand identity must be depicted by the multi-channels used. Brand consistency is sticking to the main essence and sending out related signals. This creates a strong identity if implemented well.

In the research paper, to ensure understanding the topic it was broken into 3 parts and a summary of the discussions without the examples are listed below.

Brand clarity
In this era where all brands are indulging in line or category extensions, a lot of clarity is being lost in the process. The brand has its own personality and must stick to its individuality. A lot of other characteristics can be added on and give it a holistic view to enter into more categories. But, there have been many brands that have diluted their category and result in confusing the customer.

Brand consistency

A brand which is consistent over time and carves an identity for itself is always an asset for life. The soul of the brand should not change. It can adapt itself to this ever-changing world. This consistency is absolutely essential for a brand as this helps to deliver trust and confidence for the consumer as well as clarity of purpose and positioning. Consistency is directly related to reliability.

Multi channel world

The world has evolved into a multi channel dimension where there are different communication media used to reach the target customer. The advertising agencies of today design a communication mix that travels through various channels. The word multi channel has a multitude of elements attached to it. The world has started looking beyond the traditional TVC, print, outdoor media. The concept of viral marketing has revolutionized the process of communication. The process of delivering a single, simple, powerful message through all channels of communication is called Integrated Brand Communication.

In conclusion
, the main central message to be communicated with the add-on is then framed together. Understanding the role of each channel is extremely important. The target for the channel should be laid down and appropriate messages should be communicated. Misappropriate messages passed through channels will dilute clarity. It is important for campaigns to choose the right media as a lot of bad publicity can be created in case of wrong messages passed, thus ensuring a proper integration of Brand clarity and consistency in a multi channeled world.

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  1. vivek said, on August 3, 2009 at 11:39 am

    good work

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