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After sitting through a very interesting lecture on Innovation and strategy during the MBA days, I was asked to write a paper on “Innovate to Integrate” for Business India.

The following 15 days were filled with a lot of brainstorming sessions, deriving models and formulating solutions for various questions posed by the power of innovation.  Here is an abstract of the paper.


The two big ‘I’s – Innovation and Integration – are to be the key defining features of today and tomorrow’s businesses. Innovation is the vehicle to continuously enhance customer delight. It is one of the most talked about concepts in the corporate world and now looked at as the conscious competence of a business. Integration is the seamless partnership between customers and business processes that sustains customer delight. A scan of businesses however shows that the full potential of integration is not being realized, primarily because the business model seems to have evolved into a silo mode. The tool to remedy this is innovation, so as to achieve integration of business processes with customer aspirations and needs.

This paper looks at examples of how business leaders have innovated to integrate their businesses. Four pillars – technology, processes, relationships and information – have been the focus of innovation on the journey towards a holistic business. Finally, the author’s personal application of the innovate-to-integrate lessons in her activities has been included as a learning experience.

Click to download the entire paper –

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  1. Srikanth S said, on August 26, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Brilliant! 2 paras with just 2 words 🙂

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