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Posted in Uncategorized by Abhinaya Chandrasekhar on August 13, 2009

What do you do, when you have over 200 related products to be branded? All of them have to be recognised independent of each other. 5 of the 200 are very popular and are leading products in the market. The corporate brand has not gained much importance as of now and that has to be strengthened too. All this has to be done in 6 months.

Now, the biggest challenge of all: The target audience is very low on literacy.

So, there goes all strategies to build a brand through social media and online advertising. No technology-driven advertising. It’s got to be traditional advertising.

I was going through blogs and articles on building brand personalities, when I came across some very interesting statistics on popular personality attributes:

• Innovative (45%)
• Professional (41%)
• Responsive (36%)
• Caring (32%)
• Reliable (27%)
• Customer focused (27%)
• Trustworthy (23%)
• Service oriented (18%)

ps: If anybody have worked on a similar account and can help, please do write back.

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