Carrefour – Eco friendly supermarket

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Here’s an eco-friendly supermarket.

One of the global giants has decided to go green. Not only are they being environment conscious, they are also encouraging everybody to stop using plastic. Carrefour released a campaign that has a very simple message. Plastic = Shit. What struck me as different about this was the tone of communication. Simple, straight from the gut talk. Films, which was part of the campaign led the viewers to visit their site. Funny, but everything in here is in Spanish. Either the translate link is also in Spanish or there is no info for non-Spanish people.

About Carrefour

A supermarket that provides an awesome experience. Carrefour used to be a weekly routine during my Dubai days. Young couples doing their routine shopping, hassled mother trolleying around her kids, single men aiming at completing their entire list for a month under one roof, older people trying out one-size-fits-all clothes, girls at the cosmetic counters, all sorts of people can be found here.


There have been other anti-plastic bag initiatives taken earlier. In fact, the Spanish government released a set of rules to ban use of plastic bags by 2015. Latin America had released a 3D animated spot called Revenge that used an emotional appeal for the same cause. But, a supermarket taking it up is different and will probably be well appreciated.

Carrefour reported a loss of 9% in the first quarter of 2009. This initiative might help to become the no:1 choice for supermarkets. Consumers are becoming increasingly environment conscious. Even if a premium is attached to shopping at Carrefour, consumers wouldnt mind paying up if this initiative kicks off well.

Carrefour could probably begin using social media extensively for this. So many communities are already in existence that stand for anti-plastic and environment protection. Engaging in conversation with the communities can probably generate more ideas that can take the initiative to another level.

What they have begun is powerful. If they take it further carefully, it can create wonders. Global giants are considered inhuman. If they care and can make a difference, way to go Carrefour!


Powerful idea

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My all-time favourite print ad has been Southwest’s retaliation- “Liar Liar pants on fire” to Northwest on their claim to be No. 1 in customer satisfaction.

Recently, I came across another ad that caught my eye.


  • Today, where visuals dominate, this ad has reversed the process. An excellent portrayal of the cliches that are unfortunately true.
  • A touch of humour in reality.
  • This is an example of a powerful idea backed by an extremely simple, yet equally powerful execution.

From a consumer’s point of view:

Sans the advertising p-o-v, I wanted to find out if this ad makes an impact on non-advertisers. So I picked 5 people belonging to different industries and have nothing to do with marketing. I showed the ad to them individually. Here’s what happened:

3 of them found the use of colors attractive.

All of them had an immediate smile while reading the copy.

Most important, all of them could recollect the date filmfare was scheduled for, even 10 minutes after the ad was taken away from them. The ad has hit the target bang-on.

Most of the ads or even websites focus on design and colors. The cosmetic appearances are temporary. What manages to create an impact is always the content, communicated in a creative manner. Compromising on content is a sin. Ads like this bring out the power of ideation before getting into the visuals. They have their message right and the creative route chosen is excellent. Great work Mudra!

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Microsoft goes cute!

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Here’s an ad that has created mixed emotions. Using the little girl and the dog sure worked for Hutch. It s working fine for Airtel too. But Microsoft????

Take a look at this.

This ad is definitely not stimulating me to even consider Windows 7. “Cuteness” is not for every brand. Sometimes highlighting the features and talking about what the product can do, might help.

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One of my most interesting clients is surprisingly a cement company. A quick research around the market points to very few cement companies engaging in advertising. Those who do, have the typical ad with an emotional appeal.

A house warming ceremony – happy family – blah – and more blah. So here’s this cement client who had no history of advertising.

Task: Build a brand for Sagar Cement.

To break the clutter, we took an entirely different route – animation. We created a character that would be our brand ambassador. This character is a mason who leads the workers at the construction zone. The story unfolds into a dance of joy by the characters created at the construction site.

Message: Sagar cement – solid cement for a solid home.

The campaign has been supported with billboards, a lot of outdoor advertising, Audio Visual played at the theatres and marketing collaterals.

Result: High levels of brand awareness and differentiation created in the market.

*This jingle has also been translated into other Indian languages and French for their audience in France.

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Hear Ye!

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Recent research states that the Indian consumer believes in recommendations by personal acquaintances rather than the million other ads he comes across every day. Apparently, personal recommendations and editorial content play a major role in the decision making process. So say the Nielsen biggies themselves.

This gives a clearer perspective on defining the audience. Currently, one of my clients is a new entrant in the real-estate market. Instead of bombarding the prospective buyers in all directions possible, it might make more sense to:

  • spot the opinion leaders.
  • Convince them to buy and make them happy.
  • Create loyalists.
  • Watch the good word-of-mouth spread.


And more:

Text ads on mobile phones are the least trusted medium (FCUK, Wrangler and fastrack – stop texting me! I know you guys have a new collection out.)

Globally, the most trusted source of advertiser led advertising is the brand website except in Sweden and Israel which rank the lowest.

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They are everywhere

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I see them everywhere. This takes me back to the Hutch turned Vodafone time. Overnight transformation. TATA Docomo is surely doing all that they can to break the clutter in the GSM market.

Apparently, this Joint Venture between TATA and Japanese telecom major DOCOMO plan a phased roll out that will be complete by October 2009. Their unique pricing strategy of 1 minute pulse has already won them a larger pool of subscribers.

Their aggressive advertising strategy seems to have worked so far in their favour. Do the New is literally everywhere. On billboards, road medians, papers, buses and even on road-side stalls. They have even managed an online presence. – growing twitter followers. One thing I ‘d really like to know – Is this an initial hype? One fine day when the money for ad spend stops, where will Docomo be?docomo

Weird stuff:

None of their ads actually talk about the product. What is TATA Docomo?? In India, a huge chunk of the population cannot read / write. How are they going to reach out to this layer, especially since the 1 minute pulse strategy will make more sense to them.

Extremely curious about this, I questioned 7 people in grocery stores and I received the following responses:

  • “Do the New” – Its like “Do the Dew”. It’s a soft drink.
  • TATA’s new car.
  • No idea.

Interestingly, nobody could relate TATA Docomo to a cell phone. Is this a case of heavy brand awareness with no link to the product? Or is TATA willing to ignore this entire layer and concentrate only on the google followers.

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